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Our Story

Gallery of Cakes had its grand opening by Yonnie & Toni in August of 2000.

The story of this family bakery actually began long before that. Yonnie and Toni both worked in spiritually unrewarding jobs, which inspired them to open up their own place, Yonnie's Pizzeria. Shortly thereafter, Yonnie's expanded into a full Italian restaurant.

Always the artist, Yonnie experimented with his recipes and discovered that his pizza dough makes for amazing rolls. Yonnie's customers ate it up (literally and figuratively). They started ordering breads to go. They ordered Challahs for the weekend. They couldn't get enough.

Yonnie always had a passion for cakes and cake decoration. Once the customers got a taste of Yonnie's desserts, word quickly got out. Yonnie started making cakes for special occasions, birthdays, parties, holidays, weddings, etc.

The business soon became too successful for its own size, so Yonnie and family decided to open a factory. This factory was devoted to the creation of baked goods only. While business was good, it was not pleasurable, and the fabrication of hundreds of cakes and thousands of breads per day meant no interaction with out customers. "We missed the joy of being at work".

A decision was made: Sell the big factory and open a neighborhood cake bakery, a specialty bakery. That's when Gallery of Cakes was born. Back to the same neighborhood with the same familiar faces, work became enjoyable again. Those same babies who had a first birthday cake with us, now have us make their Sweet Sixteen cakes. Those same teens who had their cakes with us years ago, now have us make their wedding cakes. And those who had given us the honor of making their wedding cakes, now let us make their anniversary cakes and their children's birthday cakes. We actually saw the beauty of life through our cakes and art.


That is the continuing story of Gallery of Cakes.

We accept any idea or challenge. What kind of cake do you want?

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